Hiring me was a multi-million dollar decision for this Seattle company

For the sake of anonymity, we're protecting names of clients for this case study--

In January of this year, I was asked by one of my large corporate clients to lead the design process for an urgent RFP response & live pitch. Our client was on the clock to produce a defense of their services (and reputation) to not only one of their biggest customers but one of the largest companies in that industry with revenues around half a billion worldwide!

THE DESIGN CHALLENGE: successfully develop an on brand and innovative design system for what became a 60-page response to their client's RFP with these branding goals in mind...

- They needed to stand out from some stiff, well-known competition.

- The design flow needed to be customized to the customer's request.

- They needed to present a clear and clever series of pitches.

- They needed to visually tell their story in a way the competition would never think to. 

THE WIN: I partnered with the client through every phase of the process, who eventually prevailed, and retained their $500k annual client...and industry reputation!

“I wanted to pass on our teams thanks for your good work today and through the RFP process. With a big group and multiple deadlines including last weekend I know it’s been a challenge. Look forward to working with you again soon!”


Troy DominyComment