Branding + Education = Formula 4 Change

Here's the deal. The reality is that our youth and our education system have some problems. The culture of disrespect is the norm. But when great visual branding is introduced into these education environments, good things happen on campuses.

I've seen it at Arizona State where a few brands I created were launched. I've seen it work at the high school level locally. It's rewarding for me. Impacting young people has always been a part of who I am, so it's cool to see art in-play catalyzing change. When students embrace a brand, they take more pride--dare I say ownership--of their campus culture. When they do, they respect their "home field", and the people around them. Better performance naturally follows in the classroom, and there's no limit beyond that. Creative marketing is not THE solution for American youth, it's an ingredient. 

Good branding is an investment that I encourage athletic directors and academic leaders to recognize and budget for.