Work for us...from where you are

Troodon is on the hunt for great creative specialists! If you like what we do and think you have the right stuff to be part of our extended network, just drop a line with a link to your work. We prefer seniors in college, recent grads, or anyone looking for an opportunity to kickstart your career (as we once needed). We'll start the conversation with your work. If we like what we see, we'll go from there. 

Not Your Parents' Internship

We are actively partnering university design schools to offer paying internships for college credit. This is not a traditional design internship though. The creative marketing economy you’re graduating into is flexing and offers more design career options. If you’re looking for traditional ad agency or in-house design team experience, where you'll work in proximity with creative pros and directors under one roof, this will not be a good fit. Stop reading now if you need that. 

Troodon is a home office-based company and most communication/collaboration with us will be digital or over the phone after the initial conversation. We’re a company that does not house many staff under one roof but rather “contracts” with remote creative team members on an as-needed basis (as project needs come in to Troodon). We’re a new kind of creative firm that scales up or down with client needs. When you are “activated” on a project, and design hours are scheduled with us, you’ll need to be on point during those hours to hit our project checkpoints. That being said, your internship hours will probably amount to working with us on a few projects over the course of a semester. If this isn't enough to meet your college credit requirement, you'll want to connect with a traditional agency for regular hours to supplement your TDCo hours.

Hmm. Sounds different. But interesting! What’s in this for me?

You’ll work on projects from Troodon client companies based around the country and maybe even internationally. They range from small biz to billion dollar corporations which means well known global brands may see your work: Red Bull, Discovery, Warner Bros., Microsoft, Nissan, NFL, Twitter, Sony Music, Chevy, Hilton, Airbus Helicopters, GoPro and many more have recently seen Troodon work. You’ll learn how to work and collaborate remotely (from where you are), and be art directed remotely. That's a valuable skill in an increasingly digital economy. You’ll learn time management and project management skills, and when you’re ready to move out of the internship, you’ll receive a written recommendation and rating score in writing from Troodon.

Tell me more. How does this actually work and can I get paid? 

If we like what we see from your profile, we’ll invite you to intern with Troodon. When we have a project we think you’re a fit for, we’ll agree on your first project terms. Those terms will include things like project deadlines, communication expectations, your design rate, college credit, etc. If you’re good, and want to keep working with us long term, there will be opportunity for that too.  So email your resume + portfolio link + all social media links to owner-designer Troy Dominy:

This is a college credit and well paying internship (or freelance opportunity), so we’ll need your full attention on our projects during your hours. For example, if we have a corporate sales presentation we want you to quarterback, Troodon will determine the estimated project hours it takes to execute (say 38 hours for a 17 slide presentation). If Troodon likes the working relationship (chemistry), likes the work you did (chops), and likes how fast you did it…you’ll be compensated at $20/hr and receive a five-star rating score for that project. If we had some issues during the project (bad communication, really slow design production, etc.) you’ll receive as little as $15/hr in compensation and a zero-star score.

Troodon Intern Ratings Scoring & Compensation:

-5 stars = $20/hr

-4 stars = $19/hr

-3 stars = $18/hr

-2 stars = $17/hr

-1 stars = $16/hr

-0 stars = $15/hr

The idea is that you receive immediate project & performance feedback and that feedback has a dollar value attached to it. In the “real world” your future company is being ranked/rated by customers. We’ve chosen the five-star system because it’s so widely used (Amazon, Yelp, Fandango, Google, etc).

No Rock Stars Please

If you pursue design as a career, you’ll hear the term “creative chops” regularly--that’s what Troodon needs from you. But we have a more robust definition for chops. Yes, you need to be talented but you also need to be growing in things like character, respect for self and others, have diligence, and be able to communicate clearly. In other words, if you came to college to party, this is not the internship for you. There’s too much at stake. We also don’t need pretentious “design rock stars.” We need students who are good, but obviously still learning, and can take direction when project feedback comes.

Chops Needed

This is the spot on most job descriptions where companies list out skill sets, design expertise, and knowledge of programs. We only have 3 requirements, but they’re big:

1. You need to confidently score yourself at about a 6 of 10 in handling the Adobe Creative Suite and have a decent ability to conceptualize a brand design from end to end. We’ll be able to see that from your portfolio. In other words, 6 = you can handle yourself. 10 = you’re an elite design ninja warrior.

2. You must be at least in your 3rd year of college, meaning you're past the prerequsits, past that time when you decided to change majors, and on to your real focus for your early career.

3. You have the core character values mentioned earlier.