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After speaking to several creative design professionals, I engaged Heli & Drone to create a multipage (16) sales presentation. I had not been through a process of this kind before and I only had a vague idea as to what I wanted the finished product to look and feel like when we first got started. Right from the beginning, Troy took a significant amount of time to truly understand our target market demographic, our brand, our messaging, and what we wanted the potential client to take away from their time with us.

We collaborated on every aspect of the presentation and he worked, reworked, and refined several concepts leading us to a product that we were both very proud of. Troy continuously brought unique and insightful ideas to the table and incorporated them into a creative, sophisticated, well thought out design. We have been using the presentation now for 6+ months and it has worked incredibly well. The presentation has impressed prospective clients, colleagues, and peers alike. I would not hesitate to recommend Heli & Drone to anyone.

I look forward to working with Troy again on our next project. Thank you, Troy!
— Brown & Brown of Washington, Aviation Division
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