Method. Not Madness.

The hype is beginning!

My stoked clients come from a good creative process and a care for people.

The branding design process is something you deserve to have a feel for before selecting a design specialist. Your company brand is YOUR baby. So, Fear not, I have a tested method that we'll follow together in our 9 phase project journey.

  • Note: much of what you’ll read below references a logo design journey simply because that kind of design is more intensive. Most of the same process is also applied to other design work.

1 Intros

Most of my projects start by connecting via email, text, or phone. Before we both take the time to meet in person you need the following:

  • Make absolutely sure that you feel great about my creative work and my client reviews because your first payment, which kicks off the project, is non-refundable. If you like what you see from my work, read my Google reviews. Those are a great replacement for a time-consuming interview or meet & greet. Do your background work to get a feel for what other companies from various industries and cities think about working with me.

  • Make sure you have the budget to handle my rates (ask me for the password to the rates page).

2 Briefing

Let's extract your biz DNA.

Our first meeting will be mostly about your project goals after you’ve already selected me as your specialist. You'll familiarize me with your company brand & vision, project goals, and anything else important to your project. If you have a sensitive project that needs a non-disclosure agreement, we can do that.*

*I will not sign an NDA that prevents me from promoting the work we do together after the project goes public.

3 Designer-Client Agreement

Once we’re both set, and still feel great about working with each other, I’ll send you this link to my contract. Read, sign, and return. We must both have understanding and expectations established to move the project forward.

From the same link, you can download our IRS W-9 form.

4 The Kickoff 50% Payment

After contract signatures, I’ll send you an invoice for the full amount of the project, and you’ll pay half of it to officially kick off the project.

5 Concept

Let's get to work!

Some clients have concepts ready for me to execute; some want me to create concepts. Ideas will come together into written concept proposals, then the approved concept(s) becomes your design direction—signed off by you BEFORE the design phase ever begins.

You’ll receive your concepts in the form of a private website page I create just for your project. This page will be updated as we go.

6 Design

Here's where we take the selected concept and work it. After a direction is chosen, you start receiving sketch and mockups whereby you weigh in, and have your say. We'll go back and forth with revisions until it's perfect. For logo designs, I may even “poll” your final stage designs with my own trusted focus groups from various industries to get a sample of public perception. These are top-tier (and “non-compete”) business pros who will give excellent feedback.

7 Final Payment

Once all decision-makers are happy with the new design and we have a final look signed off, we will send the invoice again for final balance payment. This payment is your ticket to receiving final design files. If it’s a website project, I’ll launch the site only after this payment is made.

8 Deliverables

Once everyone is excited for the new look, and final payment made, I’ll prep & deliver final file types to our shared cloud folder:

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • AI

  • EPS

Those are the most popular formats for digital, social, print, and original art. If you have a special format need just let me know!

9 High Fives Distributed

This is an important step! Let’s celebrate the new branding, new website, or whatever we just did. It ALWAYS takes teamwork. Branding design is a messy process, so let’s clean off the mud and promote each other at this point. I love bragging on our clients and we love receiving honest reviews and referrals.