Nice to Meet You

I totally get it. You can't miss on this decision. My creative work and client buzz speak for themselves, but we're going to work closely with each other so you'll also need someone LIKABLE, someone who can LEAD the process, and wants to know YOU for years to come!



Behind the Scenes With Your Creative QB

> I am a husband and dad. My boys eat, and my wife is my evidence that God is good. Did I mention my boys eat...

> I am the son of an Army combat & motion picture helicopter pilot so that's probably why I have a special place in my heart for Hollywood, aerospace, and defense industry clients. I grew up flying and around aviators so I "get" military, movies, and aviation people.

> I'm a competitive athlete, so that's why I love the sports clients too!

> I am a "Generation-X" product, so I have one foot in the old school ways of running a business with a personal touch, and the other foot in the new school of using technology to benefit everything in the digital age.

> Before launching my own creative media company in 2013, I was a church & nonprofit creative director managing over 50 creatives and 100+ projects simultaneously when I closed that chapter to launch my own firm. (13 of my volunteers who used to work for me have since gone on to start their own creative companies!)

> In a former life, my wife and I helped plant & lead a church at Arizona State, the largest public university in America. I was a campus minister & student leadership director, so I'm good at listening to people's needs, crisis management, conflict resolution, and inspiring.